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Confident Delivery

The vast majority of our deliveries are carried by the international courier company EMS using their Express Service. We provide this at no additional cost.

1 Absolute confidence in delivery
EMS provides realtime tracking for every shipment. That means we can (and do) track precisely where your shoes are at any point in time. We do this because we want your experience to be superb - and we have never lost a parcel.

2 Signature confirmation
Our parcels are delivered with signature confirmation, which means you'll have to sign the package in order to receive it. If you're not there when the courier arrives, he'll come back the next day and try again - and if you're not there a second time, a note will be left.

3 Post office delivery
If you can't collect your parcel, it will be delivered to the post office (not the EMS office). This means that if you are not home to collect your parcel, it is as easy as going to your local post office to collect it. EMS parcels at post offices always get speedy prioritized handling.

4 Secure delivery
Our couriers provide secure, accurate, and fast delivery services worldwide.